Here’s What Really Happened At The DNC, But The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You [VIDEO]

Here’s What Really Happened At The DNC, But The Mainstream Media Won’t Show You [VIDEO]

The coverage of the DNC in the mainstream media has been tepid at best. They are quick to compare it to the RNC (generally only the unfavorable moments), but are slow to cast any criticism on any of the Democrat speakers.

And then there is stuff like this that they just flat out refuse to show.


From RedState:

Funny how that wasn’t brought up. As some know, a four mile long fence was constructed around the DNC – go figure – to keep out unwanted protestors. These “unwanted protestors” being groups like Black Lives Matter – go figure again – and angry former Sanders voters who feel the DNC cheated them out of what they feel is their rightful candidate’s nomination.

According to UnicornRiot, which has been covering the activities outside of the DNC, these Bernie voters were many, and mad.

It was when the sun went down, however, that things started getting really heated. Protestors and police began to clash here and there, marches with chants of “no justice, no peace,” and even a fire set on the road.

Whether or not it was the same fire in the video above, one was definitely started to burn flags. One was the Israeli flag, as they yelled “long live the intifada.”

At some point, protestors turned their attention to the wall. They clashed with police who did their level best to keep the protestors at bay as things became a close quarters struggle.

According to reports, the crowd was comprised of Black Lives Matter, Bernie voters, and Black Bloc anarchists.

As far as I can tell, the media has done little to make people aware of the fact that the DNC is in such discord that there are actual riots occurring outside their protective bubble they built a fence to keep from popping. As of this writing, even Google searching seems to come up with nothing in the news results.

Click HERE to see the videos of the DNC riots.

So basically, the DNC is for tolerance, until it’s not. The DNC is for unity, until it’s not. The DNC is for justice, until it’s not and perhaps most importantly, the DNC is for Democrats until it’s not. They might as well rename it the HRC, since she and her supporters seem to be the only people who matter to them.

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