Leaked DNC Recordings And Information Show Exactly What People Were Thinking

Leaked DNC Recordings And Information Show Exactly What People Were Thinking

Oopsie! Newly released DNC recordings reveal that they were controlling donor access to high-profile politicians such as President Barack Obama.

You have to wonder that if the RNC emails were hacked, would they look anything like THIS?


From ABC:

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The release of a trove of embarrassing hacked internal emails and private voice mail recordings reveal not only the unseemly dealmaking involved in recruiting high-dollar donations for political campaigns but also the role fundraising officials play in approving and denying access to President Barack Obama and other top officials.

At least two former U.S. ambassadors called the Democratic National Committee to speak about personal meetings with the president, according to audio recordings of the calls included in the leaks. One is heard on a recording from May for now outgoing DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz seeking to confirm plans to attend a “small dinner” with Obama. Another had a staffer call DNC fundraising officials for tickets to a St. Patrick’s Day event with the president.

“We’ve received an invitation to the vice president’s breakfast but not the White House reception,” the staffer said in a February recording. Later the staffer called back to confirm that the invitation was received.

Among the more than 19,000 emails that cybersecurity experts suspect were stolen by Russian state-sponsored hackers and published by WikiLeaks are email exchanges discussing a range of donor data and transactions.

There are emails that describe a donor angling for seats next to Obama at a roundtable discussion and one about assigning seats for donors at a White House state dinner. In one, a major contributor from Maryland who had cancer was bumped from a seat next to the president because another, more prolific giver was attending the same event.

“A lot of people unfortunately get sick,” wrote finance director Jordan Kaplan, who oversees DNC fundraising and was the writer of hundreds of the leaked emails.

He told ABC News this week he was “embarrassed” to see the internal communication exposed to the world.

“It was conversation we were having amongst our team, and again, I’m sorry people have read them, and I’m embarrassed it’s out there,” Kaplan said.

This just keeps getting worse, but for Republicans, these leaked emails and voice recordings are aging like fine wine.

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