Hooray! NY Times Says Obama White House Barely Involved With Wisconsin Protests

File this story under “media ObamaZombies”: Wisconsin Puts Obama Between Competing Desires

The battle in Wisconsin over public employee unions has left President Obama facing a tricky balance between showing solidarity with longtime political supporters and projecting a message in favor of deep spending cuts to reduce the debt.

Really? Well, it would have been nice if the Times’ article had discussed that latter part. Instead, they proceed to tell us that “the White House is barely involved” with getting all their political supporters to travel from all over the country to protest in Wisconsin, not to mention other states. SEIU plans protests across the country over the next few days (instead of, you know, working.)

Over the weekend, the White House and Democratic Party officials pushed back against criticism from Republicans that Mr. Obama and his political network were meddling in the Wisconsin dispute.

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Administration officials said Sunday that the White House had done nothing to encourage the demonstrations in Wisconsin – nor was it doing so in Ohio, Florida and other states where new Republican governors are trying to make deep cuts to balance their budgets.

Well, that’s good enough for me! The WH said so. That’s all we need.

And, officials and union leaders said, reports of the involvement of the Democratic National Committee – specifically Organizing for America, the grass-roots network born of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign – were overblown to start with and were being inflated by Republicans sensing political advantage.

Grass roots? It was a professional agitator group put together by Tream Obama for the 2008 elections.

“This is a Wisconsin story, not a Washington one,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “False claims of White House involvement are attempts to distract from the organic grass-roots opposition that is happening in Wisconsin.”

That’s from Mr. Astroturf himself. But, um, you see

Before Mr. Obama complained late last week of an “assault” on the unions by the Republican governor in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, the Democratic Party had alerted its volunteers in Organizing for America to support the protests there and elsewhere, seeing an opening to show solidarity with the labor movement and rev up the party’s liberal base ahead of the 2012 elections.

By the weekend, national party officials were taking credit for encouraging the protests, especially through the use of Twitter and other online social networks.

The WH says they weren’t consulted on the use of what is essentially Obama’s organizing baby, OFA. Sure. Right. If you believe that, you’ll believe that Obama was qualified to be president and has done a good job.

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