Obviously, If You Love Gaia, You Must Stand Up For Planned Parenthood

Grist’s resident GINK (green inclinations, no kids) Lisa Hymas, makes the case that enviros, greens, climate morons should stand up for Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand

A society is not sustainable if women don’t have basic control over their fertility. That’s just fundamental, a no-brainer.

So the ongoing Republican assault war blitzkrieg on women’s reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood specifically should enrage anyone who cares about a sustainable future–and propel us off our asses. This isn’t just an attack on abortion; it’s an attack on contraception. Incredible, considering that the overwhelming majority of Americans of all political persuasions say they support birth control and virtually all sexually active straight women use some form of it.

Kudos to Lisa for actually mentioning the “A” word, unlike most abortion supporters, who, as we all know, like to say “choice.” Of course, without Planned Parenthood, how would people possibly get contraceptives? No one else provides them anywhere else in the country. No doctors, no pharmacies, no one! And where else would pimps get advice on dealing with their underage sex workers?

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One in five American women gets care from Planned Parenthood at some point during her lifetime, the group says. I’m one of them: I relied on Planned Parenthood for prescription birth control and an annual exam when I was between jobs and insurance plans. How about you?

Perhaps instead of fleecing the tax payers so you could have irresponsible sex and not worry about getting pregnant, you could have refrained, Lisa.

This is not really about saving PP: it’s about offering a government funded outlet to keep the human population low, because humans are bad for the environment. So, abortion is environmentally friendly, because children use natural resources, and are little carbon footprints.

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