HuffPost Makes Sarah Seem Like a Genius

Being a liberal is like being Hitler, murderer of over six million human beings, were he to have tsk tsked Pol Pot for being so evil as to have murdered three million Cambodians. There is no sense of shame with a liberal. They have no sense whatsoever that anything they’ve ever done should temper their reactions to the actions of others. They have no understanding of the old saw of throwing stones in glass houses.

Take the latest Huff-n-puff screed by Stefan Sirucek, for instance. Our pal Steffie is all up in arms over the fact that Sarah Palin had a few crib notes scribbled on the palm of her hand during her Tea Party appearance.

To young Steffie this is proof that Palin isn’t ready for prime time, proof that she “still couldn’t answer the previously agreed-upon questions without a little extra help.”

Thankfully his post is short. After all, he doesn’t have anything much to say except to guffaw that Palin had scribbled a few notes on her hand and that he thinks this is proof that she’s stupid.

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OK, let’s take just a minute to go with that concept. Let’s say that anyone that has to have notes for every single appearance is an idiot that cannot remember to draw a breath unless he has a note to remind him to do it.

If that is a solid point to make, we have but one word that can put little Steffie in his place, make Sarah seem like a genius, and diss his messiah all at once. That word…


That’s right folks, if Sarah is an idiot for having four or five words scribbled on her palm to remind her of the order in which she wants to address the issues, then what is president Obama that has to set teleprompters up in a sixth grade class room to talk to the folks there? What is Obama that has to set up a teleprompter bank in a meeting with one of his own committees (one with about 10 people in attendance)? What is a president that we wouldn’t be surprised to find out can’t even say good morning to his wife at breakfast with out a teleprompter bank set up to guide him through the salutation!!

Barack Obama, the “great orator,” needs teleprompters for every lame utterance, every speech, every policy announcement, every single public syllable, yet this shameless moonbat on Huff-n-Puff is crazed that Palin has five words scribble on her palm?

If Sarah can do a whole speech with but five or six tiny words to guide her, doesn’t that make her a genius compared to the guy that has to have hundreds of words fed to him via technology every time he opens his mouth?

At least with Sarah having written the words on her open hand we know that she is herself the source of her words. With the king of teleprompters up there we can’t be sure who is pulling HIS strings!

See what I mean about liberals? They have no sense of shame, no sense of proportion, not a single firing synapse to guide them. It truly is a mental disorder.

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