A few words written on your palm is exactly the same thing as complete dependency on professionally-written speeches, laid out for you on high-tech teleprompters.

UPDATE – I posted this without looking, and so didn’t notice Warner’s post on the same subject, posted about ninety minutes before mine. Oops.


Andrew Sullivan, writing about Sarah Palin’s speech at that big Tea Party thingie this weekend:

I was too busy tapping away at my laptop to notice this little high-school trick. Having mocked president Obama for using a TelePrompter – not long after he made mincemeat of Republicans with no such TelePrompter at their retreat – she had to scribble down her priorities as president on her palm for the truly tough-as-nails Q and A she had to endure for ten minutes or so last night.

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He actually titles the piece “Palin’s Cheat Sheet.” Let’s take a closer look:

Lifted that pick from Sullivan’s site. Here’s one from HuffPo:

Now, let’s compare:

Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing.

Via Memeorandum.

One more thing: At least Palin pronounced all the words right.

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