Is Ben Nelson Ending His Political Career With His Health Care Vote? Sure Looks Like It!!

When “Abortion bill” Ben Nelson publicly took a bribe to throw pro-lifers under a bridge on health care, he may have taken a fatal hit to his political career in Nebraska. These numbers from Rasmussen are just stunning:

1) 2012 Nebraska Senate Race
Dave Heineman (R) 61%
Ben Nelson (D) 30%
Some other candidate 5%
Not sure 4%

2) Before voting to approve the Senate version of health care reform, Senator Nelson made a deal on Medicaid payments for Nebraska. Do you approve or disapprove of the deal Nelson made on Medicaid for Nebraska in exchange for voting for the health bill?

17% Approve
62% Disapprove
22% Not sure

3) What if Senator Ben Nelson voted against the current healthcare reform legislation being considered by Congress and prevented it from becoming law. If the 2012 election for United States Senate were held today would you vote for Republican Dave Heineman or Democrat Ben Nelson?

47% Heineman
37% Nelson
10% Some other candidate
7% Not sure

Note that Nelson is taking a 21 point hit for his health care vote. Let me repeat that: he’s taking a 21 point hit. Those are terrifying numbers, not just for Nelson, but for every “Blue Dog” Democrat in Congress who’s up for reelection in a “red area” in 2010. These Democrats can keep their jobs or they can vote to destroy America’s health care system with Obamacare, but chances are, there are very few of them who will be able to do both.

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