Obama’s Weakness Stirs Up America’s Enemies

Hey, remember when Obama was running for President and he assured everyone that foreign policy would be a snap because of his sheer wonderfulness? Why, he was going to be nice and humble and listen — not like that jerk George Bush — and nations across the world were going to all join hands and sing songs about how wonderful life is now that Obama’s in the White House!

So, you may be wondering how that’s working out. Well, not quite as well as we may have hoped. Here are a few stories, all of which are currently up on the Drudge Report:

Hundreds of al-Qaeda militants are planning terror attacks from Yemen, the country’s Foreign Minister said today.

Abu Bakr al-Qirbi appealed for more help from the international community to help to train and equip counter-terrorist forces.

His plea came after an al-Qaeda group based in Yemen claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day airliner bomb plot.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, alleged to be behind the attempt to blow up an American-bound aircraft, spent time in Yemen with al-Qaeda and was in the country only days before the failed attack.

Don’t they know Obama has ended the “war on terror?” Don’t they know Obama has a “Muslim” name? Don’t they know he’s going to close Gitmo?

Russia needs more weapons to punch through America’s new missile defence shield, Vladimir Putin said yesterday in blunt remarks that will complicate efforts to cut the nuclear arsenals of the former Cold War rivals.

The Russian Prime Minister, reasserting himself as the country’s real ruler, said that Moscow should press ahead with a new generation of weapons to stop the Americans doing “whatever they want”.

“To preserve the balance we must develop offensive weapons systems, not missile defence systems as the United States is doing,” he said during a visit to the naval port of Vladivostok on the Pacific coast.

Doesn’t Putin know that “cowboy” Bush is out of office and that Obama wants to talk things out?

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said in a New Year’s message the “illusion” around President Barack Obama was over and rich nations had left the world on the verge of ecological disaster.

Wait a second — doesn’t Chavez realize he has a fellow traveler in the White House now? Has this man heard Obama’s speeches about hope and change?

Gee, it’s almost as if America’s enemies are ramping up the belligerence because they realize they have a weakling in the White House. But, that couldn’t be it — could it?

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