Aww, How Cute. The Politico Attempts To Provide Cover For Obama Over Terrorist Attack

We all know that the majority of the people who work in the media are to the Left, but, usually, they craft their prostitution on either the opinion pages, or a little more subtely. But not Josh Gerstein at The Politico, who spreads his legs, showing that the Politico is truly embracing the worlds oldest profession: President Obama takes the heat President Bush did not

Eight years ago, a terrorist bomber’s attempt to blow up a transatlantic airliner was thwarted by a group of passengers, an incident that revealed some gaping holes in airline security just a few months after the attacks of September 11. But it was six days before President George W. Bush, then on vacation, made any public remarks about the so-called “shoe bomber,” Richard Reid, and there were virtually no complaints from the press or any opposition Democrats that his response was sluggish or inadequate.

That stands in sharp contrast to the withering criticism President Barack Obama has received from Republicans and some in the press for his reaction to Friday’s incident on a Northwest Airlines flight heading for Detroit.

Welcome to Politics 101, Josh! The problem is two fold with your narrative, though, Joshy. First of all, Obama has shown himself not only to be relatively weak on terrorism and terrorists, but, somewhat divorced from leadership. His admin dithered for days over their response, and sent out idiotic Janet Napolitano to say that the system worked, then had to walk the moronity (I know, not a word) back. Secondly, yes, it did take 6 days for Bush to make a response himself, but, as the Huffington Post inadvertently points out, the Bush admin was on top of its game

The day of the attempted attack, for example, the Associated Press reported that “White House officials” were monitoring the situation throughout the afternoon and that “President Bush received two briefings” on the matter while at Camp David for the holidays. Spokesman Scott McClellan, meanwhile, told reporters that administration officials were consulting with acting Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift — the plane Reid boarded made an emergency landing at Boston’s Logan International Airport.

“The White House has been monitoring the situation since early on today,” McClellan said, according to a Washington Post article published on December 23. The lead statement came from Swift, who lauded the “heroic acts” of “the flight attendants and passengers who helped subdue the suspect.”

The Bush admin. gave measured responses and was paying attention. While he was certainly on Christmas vacation, much as Obama was, we did not get stories about Bush getting a briefing, then running off to the gym 15 minutes later, then playing golf. Multiple times.

Anyhow, its nice to see The Politico be in the pay of the Obama admin. Bush had done his talking months before, as he dealt with what the Clinton admin ignored for years, culminating in 9/11. Furthermore, Bush was a guy who spent as little time as he could in speaking to the press. Obama loves to speak. And this was a test of his administration.

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