Is The NY Times Painting A Picture Of Corzine, Or Obama?

The Fish Wrap Of Record is still spinning away at why Corzine lost New Jersey, one of the Bluest of Blue states, trying to blame it on Corzine’s short-comings and it having nothing to do with Obama, despite Barry’s numerous visits to the state, but, inadverdently makes an interesting point: Unlucky and Aloof, Corzine Fell Short of Trenton Goals

His concession speech on Tuesday sounded almost like a sigh of relief.

Yes, a sigh of relief from the residents of NJ. How bad is it when a life-long registered Democrat, who has NEVER voted Republican, votes for Christie? Pretty bad. Thanks, Mom! Here friends did, too.

Considering the career trajectory of Gov. Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey, a man who spent more than $130 million of his fortune on three campaigns but never seemed comfortable operating in the spotlight most politicians relish, it was not surprising, his supporters say, that one of Mr. Corzine’s most eloquent speeches came as he accepted his humiliating defeat.

But, only humiliating for Corzine, not Obama, right, Fish Wrap?

Mr. Corzine, whose liberal politics made him a misfit on Wall Street, made a brash and expensive debut to elective office by capturing a United States Senate seat in 2000, then five years later seizing the chance to capture the throne of the state’s politics, the governor’s office.

Sound familiar? (except for the part about actually having a real job, of course)

Yet he seemed equally miscast in Trenton, where allies and adversaries considered him too aloof to fully engage in the daily tussle of governing.

Double sound familiar?

Mr. Corzine suffered setbacks that were not entirely of his own making. A car crash almost killed him halfway through his term, and forced him to spend months recuperating. Soon afterward, the worst financial climate since the Depression swept the state, forcing him to make unpopular choices.

Things that weren’t his fault, apparently, despite having served as a US Senator before becoming the Chief Executive of New Jersey. Things he could would blame on others, despite not having worn a seat belt and been a US Senator. Sound triple familiar?

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