It’s A Patriot Thing, Chris Matthews; You Wouldn’t Understand

It’s A Patriot Thing,  Chris Matthews;  You Wouldn’t Understand

In all honesty, I don’t spend a lot of time watching MSNBC and even when I do, I don’t:  pay:  much attention to Chris Matthews. He’s a lightweight, a shameless shill, and his ratings have been so low, for so long, that I assume he’s holding compromising pictures of some important executive to ensure that he still has a job.

In any case, Matthews was promoting his (at the time) upcoming smear job on the Tea Party movement, The Rise Of The New Right.

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It was typical lefty propaganda, but what really struck me was how menacing Matthews seems : to find the Gadsen flag.

Gadsen flag

That was particularly grating to me because for years now, I’ve had a Culpepper Minute Men flag in my office, pinned about a foot above my monitor,

Culpepper minute men

As I mentioned, that flag, which echoes the same sentiments that the Gadsen flag does, was there for years before Barack Obama was even elected. It’s there because we’re a nation founded in revolution and it’s a tribute to those people who bled to give us a free country. Additionally, “don’t tread on me” is a quintessentially American phrase. You go your way, I’ll go mine, and all is well. But, if you come after me or try to take my freedom, you’re going to get the fangs. That’s rooted all the way down to the foundations of what Americans are like. This is something most people understand instinctively, which is why you see these flags showing up, in an uncoordinated fashion, at Tea Parties all across the country.

If Chris Matthews doesn’t get that, well, it’s a patriot thing and guys like Chris Matthews just wouldn’t understand.

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