Maine Boom Is Superior To It’s Competition

Update on the unused boom in Maine. You might remember my post on the excuse for not using the boom was that it didn’t pass their initial quality control test.

As I suspected, not only did the Maine boom meet quality standards, it’s actually superior to it’s competition.

{Ian] Durham was recently hired by Packgen – the Maine packaging company that manufactured roughly 80,000 feet of boom that the US Coast Guard says failed an initial BP quality control test. Packgen president John Lapoint III has expressed frustration at BP/Coast Guard bureaucracy, insisting that the boom he’s making will work well in the Gulf, where boom is desperately needed.
Durham would not say how much he was paid, but he says he’s generally paid $100 an hour for consulting, and his analysis of Packgen boom took rougly 40-45 hours.

You can read Durham’s report HERE.

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He says Packgen’s boom is superior to other boom. Its woven polypropelene is “practically indestructible,” he says. “Packgen uses it to make toxic waste disposal containers.”

What a waste. What is almost as bad as not using this even as Senators were begging the feds and BP to, is to use some sorry excuse that stains a businessman’s reputation just to cover your mistake.


via Hotair

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