Left-Wing Radical Bill de Blasio Elected Mayor of NYC in Landslide

It wasn’t easy, but New York managed to find a mayor to the left of even the demented control freak Michael Bloomberg. Because rather than despite political views that are openly Marxist, Bill de Blasio won in a landslide in a city that has been totally lost to the radical Left. NYC might want to consider changing its logo in honor of this milestone in America’s precipitous decline:


Anyone who liked what happened to New York when leftists ran it into the ground in the 1970s must be delighted. Don’t worry, this time the city will get a federal bailout when it spends its way to the edge of bankruptcy by lavishly paying anyone who can get there not to work.

Graphic compliments of Jim Lavery. Tips from Wiggins and the Only Other Conservative in Seattle. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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