Lefty Protesters: Here’s a Poll to Help Us Find Out What We are REALLY Mad About

I had to laugh when I found out about the left’s newest protest du jour. They are hopin’ mad, don’t cha know? So mad that they are busy organizing marches, protests, civil disobedience, and all sorts of activities to protest it all. But amusingly they aren’t even sure what it is they are mad about.

So, like all good citizens in the age of technology, they’ve created a Facebook poll to find out what they should protest!

Now, let me say this: if you are being oppressed by someone, if your life is so bad that you need to organize protests, usually “the problem” is pretty obvious in its seriousness. I mean, if things are so bad that you need mass resistance, you shouldn’t need any Facebook polls to discover what the problem is. It just should be pretty darn obvious.

Other folks in our modern age don’t need polls to find out what to protest. The so-called Arab Spring has its dictators to oppose. The Chinese Falun Gong have that whole being tortured and murdered by Chinese authorities thing going on — a pretty good thing to protest, I’d say. Heck, even though I don’t agree with them, many in the Eurotrash set have something to protest in that their governments are finally wising up and cutting entitlements. It’s all some pretty obvious stuff to oppose, murder, oppression, and entitlement cuts is.

So what do we have in America? What is the big thang that America’s far lefties want to gather their armies to oppose? Gee, we don’t know. Let’s take a poll… on Facebook.

It sort of seems a bit feckless and silly doesn’t it?

This surreal and guffaw inducing scene is fostered by the OccupyWallStreet movement. A movement that is about… well, we’ll let you know once the poll results are tallied.

Apparently they want to get their armies of “peaceful protesters” to infest — er, I mean invest — Wall Street with barricades and obstructionist protests to prevent folks that work in the nation’s famous financial center from getting to work and, dang it, they are gonna stay camping in tents right there on Wall Street until their big demand is met.!

So, what is their big demand? It’s, er, you know, that thing that, well, it’s really bad cuz, uh, well… I know let’s take a poll. Take it away Facebook.

So, we might be mad that we don’t have a resource-based economy. Or, maybe we want to “revoke corporate personhood.” No wait, maybe we are mad because we want to “abolish capitalism”? No, no, this is it: we want to end corporate welfare. Hmmm, maybe we just want to raise taxes or just tax only Wall Street… can a street pay taxes? Oh, no, I know, kids, let’s close half of America’s military bases… yeah, that’s a good one? No, no, no, I have a better idea, why don’t we…

Well, you can choose from all those important, important communist trope ideas and more. Right there on Facebook. It’s so mod-ren, ain’t it?

Yep. Things are so bad. So bad we can’t figure out what is bad without having an Internet poll.

What a joke the left has become.

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