Pres. Obama Turns To Conservative Ideas

Two things.

Pres. Obama gave us the same as always last night. This “Jobs Bill” is just another stimulus. It didn’t work last time, and it won’t work this time. It’s crazy to imagine that a half-trillion dollars in more government stimulus (a number he failed to mention in his speech) is a good idea when America has more than $14 trillion in debt already! Obama used Warren Buffet to say that as rich as Buffet is, he pays too little in taxes. Could someone inform our President that his buddy has been fighting paying his taxes for years. If Buffet feels he pays too little, why would he fight paying it? So what if it’s more than he owes. He thinks he’s paying too little anyway! Good grief.

What businesses need right now is LONG TERM tax reforms they know they can count on for years, not this piece meal that may change with the next wind.

The speech reminded me of the speeches about Obamacare. Oh, he makes it sound so reasonable. But the reality is very different.

The most annoying part of his speech is his idea that this over regulatory system has ANYTHING to do with regulations that we all agree are a good thing.

Victor Davis Hanson:

Can he refrain from equating legitimate worry over new hyper-regulation with a desire to expose kids to mercury or be shortchanged by the health-care industry? Does he really believe that the majority of Americans who oppose his statism really wish to “just dismantle government, refund everybody’s money, and let everyone write their own rules, and tell everyone they’re on their own”?

Why all that straw-man caricaturing ad nauseam, when after three years it is well beyond old and stale and, what’s more, Obama has a desperate need now for bipartisan support? Is Obama just politically dense, or he is so inured to the Chicago us/them confrontational mentality that he knows no politics other than polarization, even when appealing for help?

Next, Donald Rumsfeld makes a good point on how what the Bush administration did to fight terrorism worked:

“The decision to go after them, to make everything they do more difficult, has worked. It has made it harder for them to communicate with each other, harder to travel, harder to raise money, harder to recruit,” Rumsfeld asserts. “That has been beneficial. I think the structures that the Bush administration put in place – Guantanamo Bay, the indefinite detentions under the Patriot Act, the military commissions – those things have contributed to that.”

Rumsfeld is struck by how President Obama, who famously railed against the Bush administration’s intelligence tactics, continues to implement Bush-era anti-terror policies, perhaps cognizant of how important those post—September 11 programs are to national security. “To the credit of the Obama administration,” Rumsfeld says, “while they campaigned against all of those things, once in office, they decided to keep those structures in place to protect the American people.”

I think it is interesting that in the speech last night Obama kept referring to Republicans liking or supporting many of the ideas in his bill. For example, the payroll tax cut. With the fight against terrorism or jump starting the economy, Obama faces reality and turns to conservative ideas.

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