Liberal Democrats Rally To Support Serial Pervert Bob Filner

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is no Ted Kennedy when it comes to the war on women, but he’s certainly done his part in the fight. Apparently, there are a lot of Democrats who appreciate that.

A diverse group of supporters rallied in front of San Diego City Hall on Monday, calling for voters and the media not to prejudge embattled Mayor Bob Filner, who is accused of sexual harassment, faces a recall effort as well as federal and local investigations.

“Let’s get back to business of moving the region forward with Mayor Bob Filner,” said organizer and human activist Enrique Morones, who was led the rally, which was staged in front of reporters.

Morones was joined by other supporters, including campaign volunteers, former city officials and other activists, many of them women, including one who maintained Filner was “far more than sloppy kisses.

Some supporters carried signs that read, “Due process for Mayor Filner” and “Vets for Bob,” reported via a live video stream of the rally.

After supporting a pervert like Filner, don’t be surprised to see the exact same liberal Democrats claiming Republicans don’t respect women — because to liberals, it’s not about what you personally do, it’s all about which side you’re on. In fact, that’s one of the biggest benefits of being a liberal: You can be a pig to women, treat them like garbage, and support men like Bob Filner, but still think of yourself as a good guy compared to someone who does none of those things because you’re on the Left.

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