Gov Chris Christie, homosexuality not a sin

Gov Chris Christie, homosexuality not a sin

Gov. Chris Christie is not only a fake Republican, but also turns out he’s not much of a Catholic either let alone a Christian.

From The Huntington Postchrisit christie

In a signing note accompanying the bill that will be made public Monday, Christie said he believes people are born gay and that homosexuality is not a sin. That view is inconsistent with his Catholic faith, which teaches that homosexual acts are sins.

Anyone who professes to be a Christian and yet says homosexuality is not a sin is extremely contradicting Biblical Scripture and the word of God Almighty.

What else is not a sin according to Christie, adultery, murder, stealing?Or is he conveniently picking and choosing which evil to applaud because that group has deep pockets for a 2016 presidential run?This is the kind of Republican Christie is, not a conservative, unchristian, but very much a Liberal icon!

Originally published at The Last Tradition

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