Liberal Energy Policy: Make All the Lights Go Out

If you think Obama’s energy policy of suppressing our own oil industry while giving other countries taxpayer money to develop theirs is insane, just hope he doesn’t inflict some of the truly deranged ideas being floated by moonbats like Daniel Weiss, senior fellow and director of “climate strategy” at the liberal think tank Center for American Progress:

“There’s a few things we have to do to fight the recent spike in oil prices. … First, we need to crack down on speculators — make sure that they’re not intentionally driving up prices in order to make a quick buck. Second, let’s eliminate the $40 billion in subsidies [over 10 years] for big oil companies that are going to make overwhelming profits anyway.” … Additionally, Weiss is pushing for more fuel-efficient cars, specifically vehicles that would get 60-plus miles per gallon by 2025. He’s also advocating a limit, starting in 2013, on the amount of foreign oil the U.S. imports each year and reducing that total by 5% a year.

Cracking down on “speculators” was a favorite sport in the early days of the Soviet Union. It meant eradicating the last traces of free enterprise. Eliminating subsidies sounds good, but it sure won’t lower prices. Any subsidies should be converted to permanent tax breaks, as the price of gasoline consists more of taxes than of profits for oil companies. Making cars more fuel-efficient means turning them into ever more dangerous death traps. Mandating a limit on imports while domestic supply remains suppressed means deliberately imposing economic recession or worse.

According to Weiss, making oil impossible to obtain will make inefficient and extravagantly expensive technologies like wind and solar “more economical than they are today” — not because they will cost any less, but because everything else will cost even more. The effect on our sputtering economy could be predicted even by a Democrat.

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There’s more:

Weiss has also recommended that the White House consider selling up to 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and then invest the proceeds in public transportation and energy alternatives.

That is, we should cash in our emergency insurance policy and flush the money down useless boondoggles that enrich crony capitalists like Government Electric, who in turn bankroll Democrat politicians.

If you want to see where liberal energy policy inevitably and deliberately will lead, just have a nighttime look at the Korean peninsula:


Remember Weiss is the “climate strategy” director. According to the make-believe beliefs of our liberal rulers, only by making the lights go out can we protect the sacred polar bears from changes in the weather, like they are doing in North Korea, where leftist ideology has reached full flower.

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