AP Provides The Viewpoint From An Al-Qaeda “Ideologue” On Osama

Prepare to hurl

A top al-Qaida ideologue vowed revenge Monday for the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces, in the first jihadist admission of the militant leader’s death.

The reaction of the online jihadi community to their hero’s death varied between expressions of disbelief mixed with protestations of revenge and vows to continue the fight against Islam’s enemies.

The prominent commentator, going by the online name “Assad al-Jihad2,” posted on extremist websites a long eulogy for bin Laden and said the Islamic holy war against the West was far from over.

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“Woe to his enemies. By God, we will avenge the killing of the Sheik of Islam,” he wrote. “Those who wish that jihad has ended or weakened, I tell them: Let us wait a little bit.”

In my world, I call that a stone cold Islamic jihadist. How about in yours?

It gets better

Hussein bin Mahmoud, a prominent and respected writer for the militant web forums wrote a long article Monday, entitled “Osama is not dead … he is alive with his message.”

He said Americans would be allowed to celebrate a few days and then “we will resume the Islamic war … wait for the worst to come for you and the agents in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Europe.”

Hmm, wackjob Islamist jihadi leader is “prominent and respected” in the eyes of the Associated Press.

Anyhow, yeah, I haven’t been excited and stuff, but, after long reflection, the emotions I am looking for are “relieved,” “satisfied”, and, perhaps, after all this time “vindicated.”

Oh, and, just for clarity (slight gross out warning)

Osama He's Dead Jim

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