Liberals Target Fox’s Broadcast Licenses

On one hand, liberals think burning the American flag and pooping on police cars is “free speech”. On the other, if someone broadcasts things they don’t like, shut them down. They’d make Hugo Chavez, Stalin, Mao, and Hitler very proud

(Guardian) A Washington-based ethics watchdog is calling on federal regulators to revoke News Corporation’s 27 Fox broadcast licences in the wake of the highly critical report on phone hacking from the UK parliament.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (Crew) has written to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, calling on the regulator to pull the plug on Rupert Murdoch’s lucrative television licences on grounds of character.

The letter argues that the final report of the UK Commons culture, media and sport committee, which concluded that Murdoch was not fit to run a major international company, had implications for the US regulators that they had now to act upon.

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As Newsbusters points out, CREW is yet another George Soros funded extreme left organization. And they aren’t just going after Fox News, their unhinged derangement looks to do away with all Fox’s broadcast licenses, so, no more Family Guy or The Simpsons. No more American Idol. Who’ll carry NFC football? And what of all the local TV stations affiliated with Fox Broadcasting? What would happen to them? That’s a lot of people out of work. But, the Left doesn’t care, because someone had the audacity to broadcast something other than liberal propaganda.

From CREW’s press release

Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski asking the FCC to revoke the 27 Fox broadcast licenses News Corp. holds in the United States. Under U.S. law, broadcast frequencies may be used only by people of good “character,” who will serve “the public interest,” and speak with “candor.” Significant character deficiencies may warrant disqualification from holding a license.

CBS should have their license pulled for their fake Dan Rather report on George Bush. MSNBC should have their license pulled for putting Al Sharpton, a man who pushed a fake racism story and incited violence against Jews, on television. CNN should have their license pulled for failing to broadcast what was going on in Iraq under Saddam Hussein in order to keep their access. See how easy censorship is, Leftists?

Democrat Senators are complying, as several are asking the UK for evidence.

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