Liberals: Tim Kaine Is Racist For Supporting Gun Control Laws That Put People In Jail

Hillary’s VP pick Tim Kaine took an actual common sense action when it came to gun crime, one which did not violate the Constitutional Rights of law abiding citizens, while mayor of Richmond. How’d that work out?

(Daily Caller) The standard liberal line from Barack Obama on down is that they only want sensible gun control regulation, not confiscation.

But Hillary Clinton’s newly-selected running mate Tim Kaine is now taking flak from race activists for supporting some very sensible gun control measures that, unlike many other restrictions, actually decreased crime.

Reuters reports race activists are complaining that as Richmond mayor from 1998 to 2001 Tim Kaine strongly supported “Project Exile,” which allowed local federal prosecutors to treat illegal possession of guns as a federal rather than state offense, which requires longer prison terms. Under Project Exile convicted felons caught with an illegal gun automatically received five years in the federal penitentiary.

The program, supported by both the NRA and gun control groups, was enacted when Richmond had one of the highest homicide rates in the country. Within 10 months the city’s firearms homicide rate decreased by 41 percent.

Seems like a pretty good idea. Convicted felons, at least ones that have been convicted of violent crimes, shouldn’t be allowed to own or possess a weapon. Nor are they. Increasing the penalties certainly won’t stop all illegal activities….murder is illegal but people still do it….but, if it brings down the crime rate, that is a good thing, right? Right???

Who could argue with any of that? Liberals who consider the incarceration of black criminals inherently racist. Civil rights lawyer Nicole Lee griped to Reuters that, “Project Exile broke black families. This is not a benign thing to be for. These measures were not used against white kids in the suburbs with guns, they were used against black kids in the cities.”

Huh. Perhaps those black parents and’or kids shouldn’t have been in possession of a firearm after being convicted of a felony. Interestingly, this “civil rights lawyer” is saying that blacks are more likely to be felons and then further violate the law than whites. FBI crime statistics bear this out.

Furthermore, these same activists are constantly calling to “take the streets back”, to have this spreading awareness campaign, this event, that event. They want safer streets. Yet, when there are laws that work, making their streets safer, they find a way to complain about that.

And they want Kaine to denounce Project Exile. Because it’s apparently racist to use laws that actually make the streets safer in black areas in Democratic Party run cities. Anything beyond lip=service is apparently racist.

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