Gay Milo And Other ‘Bad Gays’ OFFEND Media At LGBTrump Party

Gay Milo And Other ‘Bad Gays’ OFFEND Media At LGBTrump Party

Apparently, to the American Left and the Democrat party, the only “good” gay is a Liberal gay, one that agrees with their destructive policies and divisive rhetoric. Trump turned all that upside down when he reached out to the LGBTQ community in his acceptance speech Thursday night. And he has made it known that the GOP, instead of being the party of homophobia as the Left likes to accuse, is the party of inclusiveness for everyone and anyone who appreciates common sense and desires an end to the corrupt Democrat machine that has been running this nation for far too long.

From Breitbart:

Last week over 500 people gathered in Cleveland at the LGBTrump party.

Of course, the event was a hit thanks to sponsors Breitbart News and Gateway Pundit, an enthusiastic crowd, gracious speakers, and, most importantly, thorough and dedicated FBI agents and police officers. The party was followed by a historic moment when entrepreneur Peter Thiel proclaimed on the final day of the conference and in primetime, “Every American has a unique identity. I am proud to be gay. I am proud to be a Republican, but most of all I am proud to be an American.”

The crowd of GOP stalwarts, donors, and delegates gave Thiel a standing ovation, which must have confused the people who have been listening to media calling us bigots and homophobes. In fact, I’m surprised the media didn’t try to report it as an “attempted walk-out.”

Needless to say, Democrats and their cohorts in the media are running scared. Prior to the LGBTrump party, I saw many mainstream members of the media begging to gain access to the party. Organizers were happy to do so because they wanted to show the diversity – in ideology and identity – of Trump supporters. The next day the media coverage was predictable. Apparently new to how open-attendance events work, they pounced at the fact that certain people they deem “white nationalists” attended the event.

LGBTrump founder and party organizer Chris Barron told me:

The attacks on our party by the left-wing press are not surprising. The ideological plantation masters of the left are terrified that Donald Trump is freeing LGBT people from the Democratic Party. The liberal press could have written about how many high-profile conservatives were there to show support for the LGBT people — instead they showed up with an ideological axe to grind. The good news is that our event and the Trump campaign on a larger scale is bypassing the mainstream media and taking the message directly to LGBT Americans.

All are welcome. Yes, everyone. Trump is all about ending the chokehold that Leftists have on this country. If you agree, you belong with the GOP no matter who you are. Welcome home to common sense.

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