Maxine Waters Gets NASTY: ‘I’ll Go Take Trump OUT Tonight!’ [VIDEO]

Maxine Waters Gets NASTY: ‘I’ll Go Take Trump OUT Tonight!’ [VIDEO]

Speaking at the Ali Forney Gala, Maxine Waters should’ve had the Secret Service meet her at the back door for what she said about Trump.

Only such a high powered Democrat can get away with giving a speech that says the support of the crowd will help her “take Trump out tonight.” For a laugh, I’d love to see someone go to the White House lawn and start shouting those words through a bullhorn and see where that lands you.

The video below was record last week at the Ali Forney Center gala in New York City, where she called it an “inspiring event.”

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Threatening the President of the United States is a felony crime, with the U.S. Attorney’s Manual stating that approximately 75% of the people who are brought to the Secret Service’s attention for making threats are mentally ill. Is being a Democrat considered a form of mental illness? The felony is modeled after the English Treason Act from 1351 and includes that even imagining the murder of a President can lead to a conviction, held up in 1917 when it was wished that “President Wilson ought to be killed. It is a wonder some one has not done it already. If I had an opportunity, I would do it myself.”

The Ali Forney Center is named for Ali Forney, who was a “gender nonconforming” teen who ran away from home at 13, entering into an abusive foster care situation and was living on the streets at 15. After being “dedicated to helping other young people and publicly advocated for the safety of homeless LGBT youth,” Ali was shot in the head and killed in Harlem in 1997 at the age of 22. The founder of the Ali Forney Center was later named a “Champion of Change” by President Obama. A video about Ali on the Center’s webpage complained that at the time Ali got involved, the only homeless shelter for youths was run by the Catholic Church and that the LGBT youths would allegedly be told that they’d go to Hell. As usual, scratch a lefty organization that’s all about inclusiveness and you’ll find atheism.

Late this summer, a State Senator in Missouri posted on her Facebook page that she wished Trump would be assassinated. The Democrat Maria Chappelle-Nadal attracted the attention of the Secret Service and despite her public wish being denounced by the Missouri Democratic Party, she refused and blamed it all on the Charlottesville event that happened the week before.

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