Cop-Bashing Daughter Puts Her Own Mom’s Coffee Shop Out Of Business

Cop-Bashing Daughter Puts Her Own Mom’s Coffee Shop Out Of Business

Actions have consequences and family can be a royal b*tch. In Lynn, Massachusetts, the White Rose Coffeehouse just closed its doors. Permanently. The manager there decided to go on a livid, hateful rant on Facebook against cops. She called them racists, bullies and killers. Of course, when the owner found out about the cop-bashing, she fired the manager. There’s just one problem… that was the owner’s daughter. The blowback on all this was over the top extreme and deservedly so. Kato Mele owns the coffee shop. Her daughter is Sophie, age 23. It’s a really crappy day when you lose your business and it’s even worse when you have to fire your own kid over it.

The name of the business might be familiar to some of you. White Rose was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany. They were led by a group of students and a professor at the University of Munich. The group conducted an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign which called for active opposition to the Nazi regime. They faced show trials by the Nazi People’s Court and many of them were sentenced to death or imprisonment. This business was opened just as Trump was being voted in as President. Perhaps it is just a coincidence and is not meant to imply anything, but I don’t believe in coincidence and Massachusetts is known for its liberals.

If you are going to complain about the police, I think you are an idiot. But, if you are going to, why would you go to Facebook and draw your mother’s business into it? That’s not incredibly bright. On October 13th, Sophie posted that the White Rose Coffeehouse would never host a “Coffee with a Cop.” She labeled police officers as “bullies.” She just couldn’t stop herself and added, “I am adamantly anti-police.” We get that. Sophie then called police “racists.” She continued, saying that cops “uphold an unjust system and murder without consequence.” To say the police and their customers were offended is an understatement. Twitter blew up on this moron. People tweeted that Mele’s daughter was an “anarchist child” with a “deep hatred for cops.” Exactly right.

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But Sophie wasn’t done by any means. She also tweeted that she didn’t want police officers in the shop because it would make her “black, Latinx, and Muslim customers feel unsafe.” Laughably, she put forth that a “meet an ex-con” event would be much better for the community. Just wow. She has been thoroughly brainwashed and you have to wonder what kind of home environment she was raised in. She’s obviously a Black Lives Matter activist. I don’t get her mother either. She suggested that it was a minor mistake and said that it was a young person acting out of emotion. That it was a moment of learning. You are kidding, right? There’s nothing ‘minor’ about cop-hatred.

Evidently, people are now threatening Sophie and harassing Mele over all this. I’m not surprised. “They’re on there saying they hope my daughter dies and that they hope someone assaults her and the police won’t help.” That’s just wrong in itself, but you could have predicted it happening in today’s politically charged environment. After firing her daughter, Mele wrote an apology to the Lynn police officers. She says that is not her opinion and that her daughter’s comments are “distasteful, biased and hateful.” But it was not a true apology in my book. She also defended her daughter’s right to say these things. However, she forgot to mention that her daughter also bears the burden of her actions over all this.

Mele tried to make things right, I’ll give her that much. She invited the officers to have coffee the next Monday. They accepted her apology, but didn’t show for coffee. Neither did her customers. “I don’t agree with what she said. It is not my opinion,” Mele said. “It should never have been linked to my business and that’s where I parted ways with my daughter, in regards to the business.” Unfortunately, it was way too late for any of that. Mele says she is closing her business “so I can stop being harassed.” I guess the last straw was the press showing up in her driveway at home.

“I would just say that my daughter had every right to say something as stupid as she said, every American has the right to say something as stupid as she said,” Mele said. “I’d say that I’ve just had enough. I’m exhausted. I love my daughter, and I want to heal my daughter and my relationship.” In a way I feel sorry for this woman. But I also know that she contributed to her daughter’s attitude and knew how she felt when she made her manager of the coffeehouse. Sometimes, the sins of the daughter are indeed visited on the mother.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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