Michelle Obama Gets TRASHED by Anchor on Live TV

Michelle Obama Gets TRASHED by Anchor on Live TV

I pretty much believe that Vladimir Putin is the devil incarnate. I am convinced he is behind much of the terrorism plaguing the planet currently. Having said that, sometimes you just have to give credit to the Russians when they get something right that no one else will face head on. Dmitry Kiselyov, a Russian TV host, is doing a series on US corruption and his first target is Michelle Obama. In a film entitled appropriately, Emperor Obama, Mooch gets nailed royally. They have spent millions traipsing the world, living as royalty, while Americans have lost their jobs, their homes, their everything. This expose shows how lavishly they lived it up in Spain as one example. Just disgraceful.

Michelle Obama

From the Observer:

On Sunday, Russian TV host Dmitry Kiselyov, who enjoys the largest audience among news programs in Russia, announced in his prime-time program News of the Week the launch of a new documentary, whose goal would be to expose corruption in the U.S.—as opposed to the familiar story in Russian he’s sick and tired of talking about.

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“This is not fair—to forget about American corruption,” he declared, “about how they get fat on the money of American taxpayers there.”

The title of the film—Emperor Obama—says it all, but the trailer, lasting more than 10 minutes, was shown anyway.

The first victim of attack was the American first lady.

A reporter states: “Michelle Obama and her 9-year-old daughter Sasha were accompanied by their personnel and secret agents, by 250 specially hired Spanish bodyguards and 68 bodyguards brought from the U.S. As the American first lady eats ice cream, the street in Spanish Granada is totally blocked. Ms. Obama flew in on her husband’s airplane—plane No. 2, a Bowing-747—according to protocol, which transports the American president while plane number one goes through technical maintenance. At $11,000 per hour, Michelle’s flight from Washington, D.C., to the Spanish Malaga cost the US $150,000. The U.S. Air Force was sued for Michelle’s unlawful vacation—and for the fifth year, the lawsuit drags on without any resolution.” This is how the world sees us… footing the bills of corruptocrats who don’t give a rip about their own country. The Obama’s have spent $74 million on vacations alone… they put most monarchies to shame. But what pleases me most is that my friend Michelle Malkin’s book is featured here: Culture of Corruption. A book I love and prize. I recommend everyone read it. It looks like the Russians certainly have.

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