BOOM: Watch Trump Embarrass Obama on Live TV

BOOM: Watch Trump Embarrass Obama on Live TV

Actually, I think Trump is right here. If he had run in 2012, he would have beaten Obama. Romney was way too weak of a candidate to take on Obama, but Trump doesn’t suffer from that. Obama claims that Trump will never be president. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. By the way, if being president is such a serious job, why does Obama spend most of his time on a golf course? Just sayin’. I think an old shoe could do better and would certainly do less harm than Obama has. Obama has been hands down the worst thing to ever happen to this nation and that’s saying something.

Donald Trump

From BizPac Review:

During Wednesday night’s MSNBC Republican presidential town hall event, front-runner Donald Trump indicated that had he made a presidential bid in 2012, he would be the one sitting in the White House — not President Obama.

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His remark came in response to Obama’s assertion that Trump could not be elected president.

“I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president,” Obama said at a Tuesday press conference. “Being president is a serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show or a reality show. It’s not promotion, it’s not marketing. It’s hard.”

Host Mika Brzezinski, a well known leftist, said, “President Obama even talked about you saying ‘I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president. And the reason is I have a lot of faith in the American people. And I think they recognize that being president is a serious job. It’s not hosting a talk show or reality show. It’s not promotion. It’s not marketing. It’s hard.’ The sitting president, Mr. Trump, thinks your candidacy is an aberration or a joke.” Trump said, “I don’t think he does at all. I tell you what, if I would have run four years ago, he wouldn’t be president right now. I don’t think he thinks that at all. It’s very interesting, it’s very interesting with President Obama, he’s going to go down as one of the worst presidents in the history of this country. He has been a disaster on the military. You look at what — we can’t beat ISIS. He’s been a disaster on health care because Obamacare has got to be repealed and replaced. I’m not talking about from my standpoint, rates are going up, your premiums are going up, 25, 35, 45, 55 percent.” Trump is right here on all counts. We’ll have to see if Trump wins and if he does, if he will keep his word and make America great again.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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