Moira Jayne Walsh Demonstrates Why You Don’t Want to Hire a Moonbat

Moira Jayne Walsh Demonstrates Why You Don’t Want to Hire a Moonbat

Good thing Moira Jayne Walsh can fall back on her work as a Rhode Island State Representative, because she has been fired from her waitress job at the Classic Cafe in Providence:

The reason, Walsh said on Facebook, which prompted a frenzy of posts supporting her was: “See, since becoming a mouthpiece for those who are the voiceless, I’ve made a lot of enemies. I had a stranger write my first one star yelp review based not on my service, but on my political beliefs. I was fired …”

Walsh got into the habit of inflicting these wacky political beliefs upon customers rather than attending to her duties. Now she presents herself as the put-upon victim, denied her right of free speech because she dared speak up on behalf of favored special interest groups that are supposedly downtrodden.

Barks Walsh,

“I won’t be quiet. I’m a one-woman riot.”

Owner Raymond Burns pleads his case:

“Walsh would often get into vocal political discussions with customers during her shifts, often sitting down with the diners in their booths. We sometimes had to ask her to return to her duties and advised her to continue her discussions when she was off the clock. These disciplinary instances were never about politics or free speech, but simply reminder of her job and responsibility to all customers.”

Burns notes that Walsh was “taking advantage of a captive audience to promote their own political views,” and laments,

“For newly elected public servant to whip the media and her supporters into a frenzy with unfounded accusations, demanding a boycott and portraying our family in such a negative light is profoundly upsetting and potentially damaging to my family’s livelihood.”

Walsh’s views range from far left to even farther left. Plus, she’s a single mother. In New England, her future in politics is bright, even if she currently makes only $15,429 per year (plus benefits) as a General Assembly member. Just don’t hire someone like this to do constructive work, like waitressing.

Moira Jayne Walsh, oppressed single mom.

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