This Week in Quotes

This Week in Quotes

“American politics increasingly feels like a novel whose events are retold by two unreliable narrators, Trump being one and the media being the other. The truth, or something close to it, is in there somewhere between the two of them. But where?” — AllahPundit


“I’m more of an anarchist because I’m a stand-up comic. I don’t like anybody telling me what to do and, lately, the left wants to tell everybody – it’s the ‘we all know this, you should, you should.’ Stop telling me what to do, you go do it. You want to support stuff that the government should stay out of? You go do it. No one is stopping you from paying more taxes. Then, that’s the attitude I get. — Tim Allen

“Tom Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump. Not after this weekend, when the country boiled over in rage and indignation at Trump’s decision to turn America’s back on refugees. Brady might not agree with Trump’s views or his policies … but in refusing to publicly disavow Trump’s actions, Brady is giving tacit endorsement to both Trump and the chaos he has created.” — Nancy Armour

“For those who don’t have our backs, we’re taking names.” — Nikki Haley

“With a preliminary fourth-quarter estimate of 1.9%, US real GDP rose 1.6% in 2016, according to the Commerce Department. It also means US has not notched a 3% GDP year since 2005. And not a 4% year since 2000. In terms of economic growth, at least, the US has suffered a lost decade … plus.” — James Pethokoukis

“There’s plenty to dislike about Milo Yiannopoulos’ poisonous brand — he says Jews run the media; earlier this month he characterized a Jewish BuzzFeed writer as a ‘a typical example of a sort of thick-as-pig shit media Jew’; he justifies anti-Semitic memes as playful trollery and pats racist sites like American Renaissance on the head; he describes himself as a ‘chronicler of, and occasional fellow traveler with the alt-right’ while simultaneously recognizing that their ‘dangerously bright’ intellectuals believe that ‘culture is inseparable from race’; back in his days going under the name Milo Wagner, he reportedly posed with his hand atop a Hitler biography, posted a Hitler meme about killing 6 million Jews, and wore an Iron Cross; last week he berated a Muslim woman in the audience of one of his speeches for wearing a hijab in the United States; his alt-right followers routinely spammed my Twitter account with anti-Semitic propaganda he tut-tutted before his banning (the amount of anti-Semitism in my feed dropped by at least 70 percent after his ban, which I opposed); he personally Tweeted a picture of a black baby at me on the day of my son’s birth, because according to the alt-right I’m a ‘cuck’ who wants to see the races mixed; he sees the Constitution as a hackneyed remnant of the past, to be replaced by a new right he leads; there’s plenty more – but rioting against him only means more people buy into his schtick and allows him to shed his persona for a clean-cut conservative character on Tucker Carlson.” — Ben Shapiro


“The left constantly shoves those belief systems and principles and “lifestyles” in our faces, demands that we accept them and celebrate everyone who lives by them, but then if we decline, they shout at us that we ought to mind our own business. The conversation usually goes like this:

Liberal: ‘Look at my lifestyle! Look at it! Accept it! Applaud it! Celebrate it! CELEBRATE IT, DAMN YOU!’

Me: ‘No.’

Liberal: ‘Why don’t you mind your own business, weirdo?'” — Matt Walsh

“For 30 years, the left has been able to bully people into silence by name calling and they’ve forgotten how to argue.” — Milo Yiannopoulos

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