Moonbats Turn on Chuck Schumer

Moonbats Turn on Chuck Schumer

Chuck Schumer made it very clear that if the election had gone his way, he would stay true to form by ramming hardcore moonbattery down the country’s throat. Yet even this moonbat is not enough of a moonbat for other moonbats:

At least two dozen protesters, some allied with Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, staged a sit-in at the Washington office of Sen. Charles Schumer, next in line to lead Democrats in the Senate. …

Schumer has been criticized for his close ties to Wall Street and his failure to help Democrats perform better in the election.

Rather than resolving to produce more electable candidates than the conspicuously corrupt and incompetent Shrillary Rotten, Democrats have responded to their election disappointment with temper tantrums and resolutions to plunge ever further into extremism.

Speaking of which, ultra-left New Mogadishu congresscritter Keith Ellison is poised to become the next head of the Democratic National Committee. He has “worked actively on behalf of the Nation of Islam” and has been linked to the still more sinister Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison enjoys the backing of Chuck Schumer.

This does not exactly constitute extending an olive branch to the enraged Middle Americans who elected Trump.

The high tide of moonbattery that Obama rode into office may be receding for now. If so, Democrats who refuse to stop doubling down on radicalism are going to find themselves beached.

On tips from J and Torcer. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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