MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Loses It on a Conservative Guest from the Heritage Foundation Over Controversial Indiana Law: ‘Cut His Mic Off!’ [Video]

Ed Schultz is such a raving, biased moonbat. There is no room for any opinion but his, even when he is obviously wrong. Maybe especially when he is wrong. Indiana’s religious freedom law is the same law that is on the books in over 30 states. And… last year the Supreme Court ruled that the definition of a person in the federal RFRA includes corporate persons. It doesn’t get any plainer than that legally. So, if Pence caves, it is all for political pandering in my viewpoint. This is a non-issue – an issue blown up by the Left in order to push an agenda – again. This is a hit job on Pence and it worked.

From TheBlaze:

MSNBC host Ed Schultz clashed with a conservative guest from the Heritage Foundation Tuesday night over Indiana’s controversial religious freedom law.

The liberal host opened up his show asking Ryan Anderson, “How does this law open it up for blatant discrimination?”

“This law doesn’t open the door for discrimination,” Anderson quipped back. “This is the law that’s been on the federal books … and it governs over 30 states.”

“Wait a minute, that’s not true,” Schultz responded, contending those laws don’t have “the definition of a person connected to a corporation.”

“No, no it does,” Anderson rebutted. “The Supreme Court held just last term that the definition of person in the federal RFRA includes corporate persons.”

Schultz disagreed and reiterated his view that the law opens the door open for discrimination against gay and lesbian individuals.

“Corporations do have rights!” Anderson said. “The New York Times has free press rights. It goes not just to each reporter, but to the institution. … In the same way, people who form organizations also have their religious liberty rights protected.”

Schultz then asked Anderson if it was the position of the right wing that business owners should be permitted to tell gay people to “get the hell out” of their restaurants.

Anderson attempted to rebuttal, but the MSNBC host interjected. The two spoke over each other for a few brief moments before Schultz had enough.

“No, no. I’m not going to let you filibuster!” the host said. “Cut his mic off! Cut his mic off! We’ll bring him back if he wants to be courteous.”

Later in the program, Anderson insisted that Schultz was guilty of name-calling. The host concluded saying apologizing to his audience for Anderson because he couldn’t “have a civil conversation.”

Schultz is a master at name-calling and talking over his guests when he doesn’t agree with them. He’s totally unprofessional and an absolute sleaze. This law does not open the door for discrimination against gays. Constitutional First Amendment rights should apply to everyone, not just the current political cause du jour. Is it any wonder MSNBC’s ratings just cratered to an all time low? Schultz wouldn’t know a civil discourse if it smacked him in the face with a trout. He’s a moronic nut with no principles, morals or ethics. He’s the face of MSNBC leaning forward.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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