Instead of Wearing His Congressional Medal of Honor, this Vet Now Has the Perfect American T-Shirt Mocking ISIS

Well, I was in need of a new t-shirt… this is it. I was thrilled beyond words when I heard that Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin were engaged. This guy is a warrior with a spine. ISIS can stuff it – let them bring the fight to Americans. We will not shrink from that fight or cower in our homes. Americans don’t do fear well – ISIS hunting Americans is like a sheep hunting a lion. Truer words were never immortalized. This t-shirt is the perfect message to ISIS sheep.

From IJReview:

Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is no stranger to making bold statements.

When the mass-murdering terrorist group ISIS began making threats against Americans, the Marine veteran famously said:

Ranger Up is now selling t-shirts in honor of Dakota Meyers’ bold statement:

Ranger Up confirmed to IJReview that Dakota Meyer, now the fiancee of Bristol Palin, is in partnership with the label. The website also sells “Never Outgunned” t-shirts, in addition to the one above.

Along with the t-shirt, there is an inscription on the website:

A lot of people in the media and the military have made a big fuss about the domestic ISIS threat towards American service members and veterans. It’s good to be aware and cognizant, but my only fear is that my fellow veterans will let this threat consume them with fear. This is not who we are as American veterans and, more importantly, as American people.

We are a people who climbed our way up the chain by conquering fear head on—a people who have always faced difficult times and overcome. […]

This latest threat will not rattle me. This latest threat will not break me. I will not let fear overcome me.

ISIS conquers and maintains power through fear. Cowards who do this cannot last because they don’t have the patience or prudence to build. Organizations who rule through fear are the first to buckle to it.

We are Americans. We can’t buckle—the system and our people won’t allow it.

I want the world to know: The cowardly flocks of sheep will always submit to the waiting lions.

The t-shirt looks like this on the front and the back:

“I Am An American.”

That’s a statement that can always be worn with honor.

I think this t-shirt is fantastic. It is quintessentially American and in their face. The barbarians of ISIS are cowards. They are bloody selfie addicts who pick on those that are unable to defend themselves. They hate Jews and Christians. They are genocidal maniacs who get their kicks by torturing, murdering and raping for fun and profit. Turn their terror back on them and let them bring it. Be on the alert, but be ready to fight and don’t fear the enemy. Most of America is armed – most Americans regardless of their sex, religion, race, etc. are warriors at heart. I am an American and I will fight and die like one. ISIS should not mess with American lions.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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