New Bill Introduced to Roll Back Obama’s Anti-Business NLRB Rules

House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman Rep. John Kline (R, Minn.) is tired of sitting around doing nothing while Obama ramps up his extremely anti-business, anti-jobs regulatory regime. So Kline has introduced a new bill to roll back some of these harsh rules.

Since he became president Obama has been using his power to create regulations to push his pro-big labor, anti-business ideology. Obama knows he cannot get Congress to implement these anti-jobs regulations, so he has been quietly changing rules using his Dept. of Labor, the NLRB, and the EPA to hamper business and increasingly institute big government control over all our lives.

Congressman Kline is calling Obama on his desire to circumvent our duly elected officials through his power to regulate and is looking to roll back the president’s harsh new rules by introducing the Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act (H.R.3094).

“It’s apparent that the White House isn’t going to stand up to this,” the congressman told a small group of reporters. “In fact, argument could be made that they may be encouraging it. But we’re going to stand up to it.”

Kline’s bill attacks Obama’s stringent healthcare rules, his intention to severely shorten union election periods, and would assure that union elections remain a secret ballot method instead of the open ballot practice that Obama and unions want.

Kline told the press that one of the reasons he’s trying to put a stop to the wild overreach of Obama’s powers to regulate is because our economy cannot grow under this assault.

“I’ve had companies tell me, ‘We have cash, but I’m not spending, I’m not hiring, because I don’t know what to expect,'” Kline said.

With his jobs-killing regulatory changes Obama is destroying any chance that we could have a recovery in our economy. Let’s hope Kline’s bill is successful.

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