DJEver Notice? LXVII

Someday, I should make a point of starting a recurring headline that runs something like “What they told me is going on all over the place, and I must not be paying attention because I can’t find any examples” but shorter. (For all that loquacity, I still haven’t defined who the “they” is, and I don’t know if I can.) It’s been a somewhat eventful week, but I’d have no problem picking out the single event from this week that would appear under such a headline — whatever comes in second-place isn’t even close.

The all-time champion phenomenon of the “What they told me is going on everywhere” category for the week ending October 7, 2011 is: The weepy, inconsolable, overly-emotional Sarah Palin fan.

Oh, there may be some somewhere. But it seems like an example or two should have been presented with the recurring meme, and none have been brought, nor can I find any. And I have little reason to expect to. People who place great value on their own emotional state, are not well represented within the Palin fan base; such people all too often hopped on the “She’s so stupid and I just hate her, Grrrr!” bandwagon three years ago. Today, if you want illogical and overly-dramatic reactions to things, you need to go talk to them. And you should; from what I’ve actually seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, Gov. Palin’s announcement has sent them into something worth studying, for purposes of research into behavioral health science. I’m picking up feelings of euphoria, as if something meaningful has been accomplished, by them, although the only thing that’s changed is a possibility has been eliminated that, according to them, never enjoyed probability significance. And I detect trace quantities of some feeling of betrayal, as if Sarah Palin owed it to them, to run for President.

To the last person, all of the Sarah Palin enthusiasts I know, have reacted coolly and rationally to this: Okay, that’s out, so to whom do we pledge our support? ABO stands for Anybody But Obama. And that’s that. Efficiently, coldly, rationally, if-this-then-that, just like a computer processor. Well…a computer processor with a drive to win, anyway.

Got any exceptions to this? Any Palin fans acting like Michael Jackson fans who just can’t believe the music’s gone, or Barbra Streisand fans who missed the flight to the latest Final Farewell Tour? Go on, educate me. Fix my mistake; I’ll man up.

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes.

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