New Navy Ship to be Named After General Benedict Arnold

Veterans and citizens both have become alarmed at the Navy’s plans to name a new amphibious ship after disgraced Revolutionary War General Benedict Arnold. The Navy’s newest vessel, a 684-foot, San Antonio class landing-ship, will be named the USS Benedict Arnold said Navy officials.

Arnold was initially a hero of the Revolution before turning against his service and country. His name has become synonymous with traitors ever since.

Despite the glowing comments about the traitor by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, many are rising up in anger over this choice. A Facebook group called “People Against Naming A Navy Ship USS Arnold” is was becoming a clearinghouse for angry comments about the proposed naming…

Oh, wait. That’s the USS John P. Murtha, we are talking about. So sorry. It’s all so easy to confuse traitor Benedict Arnold with traitor Murtha! There’s not too much difference between their public actions after all.

Check out these FaceBook pages:

People Against Naming A Navy Ship USS Murtha

Vets against naming a warship after John P. Murtha

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