Racist D.C. Delegate Denies Justice’s Racial Make-Up

Did you know that a black person could “propose” that they are or are not a black person? I suppose that this means we can all somehow deny reality if that is true. I mean, perhaps rainbows do have a pot of gold at the end and unicorns really do exist? At least this state of fantasy exists if you are the racist Eleanor Holmes Norton, Democrat Delegate from Washington D.C.

On April 28, The Hill reported that Norton saw fit to attack one of her betters on the U.S. Supreme Court by insisting that Justice Clarence Thomas only “proposes” that he is an African-American.

“We’re not sure this president is ever going to nominate another African-American to the court,” Norton said. “He’s African-American. We’ve got someone who proposes to be African-American on the court.”

First of all, why anyone would ask a racist what she thinks about important issues is a question in and of itself. Would any one care what David Duke has to say about the make-up of the Supreme Court? I sure as heck wouldn’t.

Hatemongers and race-baiters like Norton do not belong in polite society much less acting as representatives of the American people. She is a lover of the era of Jim Crow because this is how she makes her living harkening back to that long dead era and continuing to stir that hatred on a daily basis.

The sooner American society has swept dregs like Norton from it the sooner we’ll find the sort of society that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is so famous for having wanted to see dawn upon this great land. But King’s dream will never come to pass with the likes of Norton plaguing it.

Of course, we have to feel sorry for Ol’ Ellie. After all she “proposes” to be a real government official and not some pseudo member of the House of Representatives!

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