Obama Allows Anti-American Song to be Played at State Dinner for China

The Epoch Times has a stunner of a story for January 22. Unbeknownst to most Americans, China insulted the United States right in front of Obama and the world by having its nationalist pianist, Lang Lang, play a Chinese propaganda song that called Americans “jackals” during the Chinese sponsored concert during the recent state dinner in Washington D.C. Chinese nationalists have been hailing this stick in the eye of the U.S. since it occurred at the state dinner on January 19.

There is little doubt that Obama knew this was going to happen, but that he had no problem with it fits neatly with his world apology tour, his three years of apologizing for the United States in foreign lands, his bowing and scraping (literally) before kings and tyrants the world over, and his constant need to punish this country.

The song was titled “My Homeland” and is famous for appearing in the Chinese propaganda movie Battle on Shangganling Mountain, a film about the Korean War. In the song, American troops are called “jackals” that are “greeted” by Chinese “hunting rifles.”

The report says that there is no way to know if adding the song to the playlist was pianist Lang Lang’s own idea — and he claims it was — but it is impossible to believe that he just added it by himself with the Chinese government unaware of his plan. The propaganda song certainly serves China’s purpose, to be sure.

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Lang Lang has been chortling about his propaganda coup for several days saying that playing the song would “help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of ourselves.”

The Epoch Times played it diplomatically and did not speculate on whether the Obama Administration knew that Lang Lang was going to play the anti-American tune, but there is little doubt that it was known. Does anyone believe that the Obama administration would have been so slipshod as to not have known? Who believes that the Obama administration would not have been aware of every song being played that night?

Commie throughout China have been playing this as a wonderful success.

The phrase “right place, right time, right song” echoes Chinese propaganda and is a declaration of victory over the United States. Chinese have been taught that the United States lost the Korean War. A U.S. general is quoted in the propaganda as describing the Korean War as being “the wrong war at the wrong time in the wrong place with the wrong enemy,” which is taken as an admission of defeat. In fact, the quote is from Gen. Omar N. Bradley testifying to Congress as to why the United States should not extend the Korean War into China.

This sort of underhanded, hateful behavior is precisely why President George W. Bush did not invite the red Chinese to any state dinners or big functions during his administration. Bush knew that the Chinese will take every opportunity to insult the U.S. and he didn’t want to give them that platform.

The fact is that the Chinese are not America’s friend. They aren’t even a friendly rival. They consider themselves to be an open enemy of America. They have said so repeatedly. Sadly Obama has allowed this dangerous enemy to walk all over us yet again.

But with Obama’s contempt for the United States often on public view, it is not surprising that he had played his part in facilitating this Chinese propaganda victory.

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