Theme Of Obama’s SOTU: Jobs, Jobs, And…Look, A Shiny Quarter

If you haven’t heard yet, Obama’s going to go all centristy, and talk about jobs, jobs, jobs (which will then be followed by his typical AADD) Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address

President Obama will outline an agenda for “winning the future” in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, striking a theme of national unity and renewal as he stresses the need for government spending in key areas and an attack on the budget deficit.

I can understand why he doesn’t want to discuss what happened in his past: unsustainable spending, massive spending that failed miserably, ignoring jobs, the health system fiasco, focusing on cap and tax, ignoring jobs and the economy, failing to close Gitmo, ramping up the Afghanistan War (interesting that the media ignores all the war deaths), failing to pull us out of Iraq as he promised, ignoring jobs and the economy. But, he had some great parties at the White House and lowered his golf handicap!

Mr. Obama previewed the themes in a video e-mailed Saturday evening to supporters who had helped in his election campaign. But the video made plain that his speech would be geared more broadly toward the political center, to independent voters and business owners and executives alienated by the expansion of government and the partisan legislative fights of the past two years.

How centrist can it be when he sends a preview out to his ObamaZombies (some of whom are not particularly happy with the tone)? I’m not sure if it asked for money, since I deleted the email without reading it, but, on a separate note, people were not alienated by “partisan legislative fights”, they were alienated by, as mention, expansion of government and idiotic spending. And we all know Obama can talk the talk: he did it during the campaign. But, he cannot walk the centrist walk. We saw that during his first two miserable years.

“My No. 1 focus,” he said, “is going to be making sure that we are competitive, and we are creating jobs not just now but well into the future.”

By “we” he means Someone Else doing it, as he stands on the sidelines, too busy playing with his Blackberry to cheer for his kids. It’ll take the adults in the House to enact real world, wise legislation that addresses the reality of the marketplace to get the economy revved up again, generally, they need to reduce the unsustainable government spending and ridiculous bureaucratic burdens on private business. They should also look towards making the 2001/2003 tax cuts permanent, at least for those making under $387k. Why that number? The tax cuts rates used a high number in that range for the highest tax bracket because it made sure that most small business owners were not in the highest bracket. Furthermore, reduce the corporate tax rate (while repealing most of the loopholes.) Give companies that incentive to keep their companies, and workers, here in the United States.

The Times says that last part, regarding lowering the corporate tax rate, may actually be in the speech. If it is, the GOP need to jump on this by the end of the week with actual legislation, forcing Obama to put up or shut up.

Expect the SOTU to include many calls for bipartisanship, followed by shots at Republicans.

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