Obama in Negative Numbers EVEN in Illinois?

Public Policy Polling has released a poll of voters in President Obama’s home state of Illinois. shockingly it shows that Obama has a 49% disapproval rating in Illinois.

The Illinois poll we’ll release this week won’t do much to change the conventional wisdom on either the Senate or Gubernatorial race in the state but it does have one pretty surprising finding: Barack Obama’s approval numbers have dropped into negative territory even with likely voters in his home state. 44% approve of the job he’s doing while 49% say they disapprove.

The polling firm also finds that independents have lost faith in The One. “Independents strongly disapprove of him with just 35% feeling he’s doing a good job to 57% unhappy,” they report.

If Obama can’t even hold his own state, then he really is in trouble. But this parallels the dismal approval ratings that Democrats are seeing across the board.

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(H/T Newsalert)

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