Obama Signals Enemies that Nuking U.S. Is A’OK With Him

President Obama is known for bowing to foreign dictators, emperors and Kings but it is such a chore to do it individually. Flying around the world to bow to each killer, oppressor, and tyrant is so time consuming. If only he had a way to do it to every American enemy at once it would save our bower in chief sooooo much time. Well, it appears he’s found a way.

In a bow to every foreign enemy at once President Barack “linguine spine” Obama has proudly announced that the U.S. won’t use its own nuclear weapons even if we are attacked by some other entity’s nukes!

So, come on down enemies of the U.S. The traitor in chief has just announced it’s open season on the good ol’ USA.

That’s right, enemies of the US, let those nukes fly because this may be the only chance you’ll get to have such a self-hating, self-flagellating, traitorous president sitting in the White House before he’s voted out to be replaced by a real American again.

Michelle’s “Kenyan Homecountry” honey is letting the guard down so hurry, hurry, hurry and let that nuclear winter fall. Do it now before it’s too late to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Correction From John Hawkins: As I read this policy change, there’s nothing that says Obama won’t respond to a nuclear strike with nuclear weapons of his own.

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