Ohio’s Rep. Kaptur: Coward of The County (Vote Rich Iott)

Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur voted yes on the socialist take over of our nation’s helathcare system. She then proudly announced that she’d hold a healthcare townhall back home in Ohio over the break.

But then she canceled it. Why? Because she got wind of the fact that a few tea party folks from her district didn’t like her vote, that’s why.

To invoke Kenny Rogers… “She is the Coward of the countyyyyyy.”

Facing Kaptur is Rich Iott — pronounced Eye-ott. His website can be seen at: http://www.voteiott.com/.

He’s “a successful businessman and a conservative man of faith,” so let’s hope Ohioans check him out.

Vote for Iott, Ohio! Let’s get rid of Marcy “The Coward of the County” Kaptur. Let’s retire Kaptur, shall we?

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