O’Donnell Rants That Trump Is Lying, So Trump Calls In With An EPIC Throwdown [Video]

O’Donnell Rants That Trump Is Lying, So Trump Calls In With An EPIC Throwdown [Video]

Lawrence O’Donnell is an unabashed European-style Socialist. In his own words, he says: “I am not a progressive. I am not a liberal who is so afraid of the word that I had to change my name to ‘progressive’. Liberals amuse me. I am a socialist. I lie to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals.” So, lying is absolutely no biggie for O’Donnell. I suspect he was paid to lie for NBC – to disparage and discredit Trump, or at least try to. Pity it didn’t work, as you could tell over the entire panel laughing at him. Do you really think The Donald would lie on filed documentation with the government? Filings he could be imprisoned for lying about? Get real.

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From Western Journalism:

Just the sort of high-stakes face off The Donald relishes…

To say that Donald Trump raises the hackles, blood pressure, and decibel level of liberals in the media is an understatement. Of course, the surging GOP presidential contender also gets under the skin of right-leaning pundits and politicians in his own party; but leftists can just come unglued in response to what the billionaire businessman has to say.

Witness what happened Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program when guest Lawrence O’Donnell got into it with host Joe Scarborough about Trump’s revealing what he made while starring in Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. O’Donnell — who hosts his own evening program on MSNBC and was once upon a time a political consultant to the NBC series The West Wing — not only came unglued–he practically came unhinged.

Scarborough tried in vain to rein in the ranting O’Donnell, who was going on and on about how Donald Trump is a liar for saying that his Apprentice earnings were more than $20[0M] annually — “a complete, total lie” is how the irate O’Donnell characterized The Donald’s income claim. Trump made the claim on official filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for his presidential campaign; so if the numbers on those financial disclosure forms are not accurate, Trump could potentially be in a lot of trouble.

O’Donnell became so worked up during the Morning Joe segment that, in a very condescending manner, he began to call Scarborough a dupe for falling for Trump’s claim — that, understandably, didn’t go over so well with the show host.


The Hill reports that not long after O’Donnell slammed Trump as a liar and ridiculed Scarborough for believing what Trump said, “Scarborough came back from a commercial break and told viewers Trump had just called in to bet O’Donnell that his salary was accurately reported.”

Trump told the “Morning Joe” host that he’d give O’Donnell one year of the MSNBC host’s television salary if his income from NBC cannot be verified. Under the terms of Trump’s bet, O’Donnell would have to give one year of his salary to Trump if the candidate’s FEC reports are correct.

O’Donnell should put his salary where his lying pie hole is and take Trump’s bet. But he won’t. You only bet when you think you will win… when you are lying, you know you will lose. Honor is not one of Lawrence’s attributes. Boy, the Leftists are uber terrified of Trump and Cruz. Good times. I so thoroughly enjoy watching these moonbats come unglued. The more condescending they are to Trump, the higher he’ll rise in the polls. Just keep it up guys. Still chuckling over O’Donnell claiming Trump makes less than Hillary Clinton does for a given speech. Hilarious. Trump loves a good fight and he pays attention. Thus the call. It’s a bitch when a multi-billionaire, who is a conservative stands up and tells Marxists to shove it for the good of the country and calls them out for being the liars they are.

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