OUTRAGE: Obama Orders Military to Stop Wearing Uniforms at Recruitment Centers to Hide from Terrorists

After last week’s terror attack on two military recruitment offices in Tennessee, Obama’s defense secretary has taken steps to stop future attacks. Has he moved to arm our soldiers? Nope. He’s ordered them to cower and hide by telling them to stop wearing their uniforms. You heard that right. Obama’s administration is demanding that soldiers stop wearing their uniforms so that terrorists won’t get mad.

Our soldiers are proud of their uniforms. But obviously Obama thinks our solders’ uniforms are just “triggers”for terrorists. This is an outrage.

According to the Military Times, Obama’s weak-kneed Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved the decree that recruiters should take off their uniforms while performing their recruitment duties from now on.

…now soldiers are supposed to die at their desks and now don’t even have the benefit of dying in the uniform of their country!

And let’s not even mention that recruiting without a uniform proudly worn by a recruiter puts a serious dent in the whole emotional appeal of recruiting and will make the recruiter’s job harder.

One of the whole aspects of being recruited is that potential recruits have a visceral reaction to the crisp, flashy uniform worn by their guide to the service. It’s part of the whole package to be able to show recruits how handsome, or how sharp and orderly they will look in their own uniforms when they get one.

And now Obama wants to take that away from the services?

Obama wants our troops to cower in the face of the enemy. But then, he never liked our military anyway.


Now Obama says that military recruiters should just “close the blinds” on office windows to prevent terror attacks!! OUTRAGEOUS!

Warner Todd Huston

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