Politician Evil: How Loyal Is Too Loyal?

Now that it turns out that Choir Boy (he most certainly Was Not listening to rap music, sheesh) Albert Gore Jr. is also an alleged trouser snake, details begin to emerge. I’ve been assured by one source that Vice President Gore, aka pre-Gaia Apostle Gore, also had a string of teh ladiez. And staffers knew. And said nothing. Shades of John Edwards, here.

Since the John Edwards evilness, and now the nasty lies emerging from South Carolina, and also whispers about other politicians, I’ve been musing on the responsibility staffers, consultants, and those surrounding the politician have to the public. When should someone in the know come forward?

There was a time where it was just understood that powerful men had mistresses on the side. Everyone looked the other way or just plain accepted it. But not now. There is a cultural aesthetic that shuns such behavior as a window into a person’s character.

So what should a political operative do? If the person is going to ruin the party or the state or the country, does the political staffer in the know have an obligation to hide it or expose it?

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What should a political operative do if his boss is doing something evil?
Hide it
Expose it
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