Politico’s Michael Kinsley Goes Full Unhinged: American Not Greatest Nation Due To TEA Party Fools

Perhaps Mikey is looking for a little attention, just wanting to make a splash. Perhaps he really believes this filth of an opinion piece. Regardless, this has to be one of the most disgusting things I have read from a major news outlet in quite some time, even with Eugene Robinson still being employed by the Washington Post and the loonies at the NY Times: U.S. is not greatest country ever

The theory that Americans are better than everybody else is endorsed by an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters and approximately 100 percent of all U.S. politicians, although there is less and less evidence to support it. A recent Yahoo poll (and I resist the obvious joke here) found that 75 percent of Americans believe that the United States is “the greatest country in the world.” Does any other electorate demand such constant reassurance about how wonderful it is – and how wise? Having spent a month to a couple of years and many millions of dollars trying to snooker voters, politicians awaiting poll results Tuesday will declare that they put their faith in “the fundamental wisdom of the American people.”

In one paragraph, Kinsley linked a proud belief in the primacy of our great country to the midterm elections and his real point

Not me. Democracy requires me to respect the results of the elections. It doesn’t require me to agree with them or to admire the process by which voters made up their minds. In my view, anyone who voted for Barack Obama for president in 2008 and now is supporting some tea party madwoman for senator has a bit of explaining to do. But the general view is that the voters, who may be fools individually, are infallibly wise as a collective – that their “anger,” their urgent desire, yet again, for “change,” is self-validating.

Got that? If you voted for the most inexperienced and incompetent President ever, and realize that you really, really, really f***ed up beyond belief and now support someone who’s ideas are more than lollipops and unicorn poots, you’re a fool, and make America a crappy country, especially if you vote for O’Donnell (or Angle, McMahon, Whitman).

Kinsley even manages to work in the words “tea bagger.” I rarely do this, but, if you like, you can give them feedback here.

We all pretty much know that the Left’s love of this exceptional country is linked to which political Party has control of the federal government. Even then, they think like Obama, namely, that we only think ourselves great like the way other countries think they’re great. On the surface, Liberals/Progressives paint themselves a happy people with a positive, front looking attitude. In reality, and practice, they are negative and morose, and see the glass as always a quarter full, and the liquid is battery acid. When you try and pin them down on whether they love this country or not, most hem and haw, and ask for terms to make the judgment, and then proceed to explain how they want to fundamentally transform this country.

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