20 Key Competitive Races To Watch Today

Sharron Angle (R) vs. Harry Reid (D) (Nevada): Knocking off Harry Reid? It would be like a beautiful dream — and Angle is ahead.

Lou Barletta (R) vs. Paul Kanjorski (D) (PA-12): Barletta is a ferocious opponent of illegal immigration and it would be outstanding to see him make it into Congress.

Dan Benishek (R) vs. Gary McDowell (D) (MI-1): Bart Stupak’s district? I want it.

Sean Bielat (R) vs. Barney Frank (D) (MA-4): Bielat is the only longshot on this list because he’s gotten so much attention and help. Chances are, Frank is going to win, but maybe, just maybe…

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Ken Buck (R) vs. Michael Bennet (D) (Colorado): Ken Buck would be a great addition in the Senate.

Tim Burns (R) vs. Mark Critz (D) (PA-12): I want “John Murtha’s seat” in Republican hands.

Matt Doheny (R) vs. Bill Owens (NY-23): This is the district where the Doug Hoffman vs. Dede Scozzafava disaster played out. Hoffman’s aborted third party run could still cost the GOP the seat. But, it would be very sweet to take this seat back.

Sean Duffy (R) vs. Julie Lassa (WI-3): Duffy is an up and coming star and he’s looking like he’s going to take David Obey’s seat.

Renee Ellmers (R) vs. Bob Etheridge (D) (NC-2): Can blogosphere fave and RWN blogger Renee Ellmers pull it off?

Vicky Hartzler (R) vs. Ike Skelton (D) (MO-4): Ike Skelton is a phony moderate who has been sitting in a +11 Republican district since 1976. It would be grand to get rid of him.

John Kasich (R) Vs. Ted Strickland (D) (Ohio): Kasich is a diehard fiscal conservative and we need him in Ohio to start rebuilding the GOP brand in that state.

Ruth McClung (R) vs. Raul Grijalva (D) (AZ-7): Under normal circumstances, even a Democrat as worthless as Grijalva wouldn’t be vulnerable in a district this Democratic. But “Rocket Scientist” Ruth has a real shot to knock him off.

Jeff Miller (R) vs. Heath Shuler (D) NC-11: There’s no way a Democrat, blue dog or not, should be representing a +6 Republican district.

Joe Miller (R) vs. Lisa Murkowski (I) vs. Scott McAdams (D) (Alaska): I want to see Murkowski lose almost as much as I want to see Miller win.

Ilario Pantano (R) vs. Mike McIntyre (D) (NC-7): This one is close to home. A Marine vs. a liberal Democrat masquerading as a moderate.

Dino Rossi (R) vs. Patty Murray (D) (Washington): This race has drawn a surprisingly small amount of attention, but we’re soooo close to knocking off the woman Ann Coulter calls “the stupidest person in America.”

Tom Tancredo (Constitution) vs. Dan Maes (R) vs. John Hickenlooper (D) (Colorado): Can Tanc become governor of Colorado or will dead dog loser Dan Maes cost him the victory?

Pat Toomey (R) vs. Joe Sestak (D) (Pennsylvania): The only thing better than seeing Arlen Specter out of the Senate would be seeing Pat Toomey in the Senate.

Daniel Webster (R) vs. Alan Grayson (D) (FL-8): Knocking off Alan Grayson? How sweet it would be.

Allen West (R) vs. Ron Klein (D) (Fl-22): Conservative favorite Allen West tries to knock off Ron Klein.

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