Profiles in Progressivism: Amanda Curtis

We’ve known since at least George McGovern’s candidacy in 1972 that the Democrat Party is driven by looney left extremists. Until recently, they managed to keep themselves relatively in check so as to have a prayer of winning elections. But due to an alarming and possibly terminal shift in America’s demographics, that may no longer be necessary, as Barack Obama’s disastrous success demonstrates. Consequently, candidates are emerging who come ever closer to being admitted Bolsheviks. ABC News gushes over certifiable mental case and Montana Senate candidate Amanda Curtis:

Montana has never seen a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate like state Rep. Amanda Curtis.

Selected by state Democrats … to replace Democratic Sen. John Walsh on their November ticket after a plagiarism scandal derailed his re-election bid, Curtis is a far cry from the centrist candidates the party tends to field for statewide office in Big Sky Country.

Curtis, a 34-year-old math teacher with a nose ring and a background in labor activism, has only one term in the state legislature to her name, and told ABC News she plans to run a progressive, “grassroots” campaign on income inequality and student-loan debt.

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Her qualification for office: she would be Montana’s first female Senator.

By “a background in labor activism,” her supporters at ABC News means that even if she calls herself “an anarchist at heart,” she is more of a communist, a supporter of Industrial Workers of the World, for whom she has written articles. Her husband is a member.

On the day Walsh dropped out of the Senate race, she changed her Facebook profile photo to Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, former chairwoman of the Communist Party USA, which was controlled and financed by the Soviet Union.

She has impressed Montana Democrats with her youth and energy. In 2013, she kept a YouTube video diary of her first legislative session, which made the rounds in Montana political circles.

“[Walsh] was the establishment’s choice, but he didn’t make rank-and-file activists feel good about being Democrats; Curtis does,” Montana Democratic political blogger James Conner said in an email.

Here’s what makes Democrats feel good about being Democrats:

In another video, Curtis wears a hoodie to demonstrate her allegiance to the dead sociopathic thug Trayvon Martin.

“She’s refreshing, she’s a woman and she’s an educator,” Montana State University political scientist David Parker said. “She gets Democrats excited about voting.”

Even if the country hasn’t gone far enough off the rails yet for her to actually win in conservative Montana,

“The biggest thing for Amanda Curtis is to run a competent campaign, to make it close and position herself for the future,” [Parker] said.

A big future might await her if America continues its decline. If Obama could be elected president, why not Amanda Curtis?

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