Couple gagged and ‘raped’ a mentally incapacitated young relative at least six times ‘so she would get pregnant and give them a baby’

Couple gagged and ‘raped’ a mentally incapacitated young relative at least six times ‘so she would get pregnant and give them a baby’

Sometimes I read articles that make me so angry that I want to spit nails. This is one of those. A couple in Alabama raped an underage relative multiple times hoping that the girl, who was mentally incapacitated, would get pregnant and give them a baby, police said.

jeremy swann rapist of mentally handicapped

Jeremy Swann, 29, and wife Amanda Swann, 28, were arrested last week at their home in Jones, where authorities say the sexual assaults took place over the past month. Jeremy’s mother, 57-year-old Dianna Swann, was also arrested for knowing about the attacks but not telling cops.

‘They propositioned her to have sex with Jeremy so that she could get pregnant, and so she could have a baby for them,’ investigator Janet Cole, of the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, told the Selma Times-Journal. The girl, who never got pregnant, was a minor relative of Amanda’s. An investigator said that Amanda watched as her husband repeatedly assaulted the girl, court records show. The girl screamed during the assaults, which occurred over the past month, and at least once Jeremy gagged her with a ball to keep her quiet, the investigator said.

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Amanda Swann, who assisted the girl to the bathroom after each assault, did nothing ‘because she wanted (the victim) to have a baby for her,’ court record show. Investigators first began looking into the case when the couple contacted local child protective services requesting that they be granted full custody of the girl, claiming she was being sexually assaulted by her mother.

But while social workers checked into those claims, the girl told them that it was the Swann couple who was raping her. She said she was forced to have sex with Jeremy at least six times. The Swanns, who remain at Dallas County Jail in lieu of $500,000 bond each, are charged with first-degree rape. The man’s mother, Dianna, is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She is being held on $6,000 bond.

‘She was present when all the sexual acts were going on,’ Cole told the Times-Journal. ‘She was there. She heard the girl screaming, and she did nothing.’

The couple may still be charged with enticing a child and incest, according to Cole. The three suspects were expected for a bond hearing on Monday.

The levels of disgusting misuse of trust in this crime is abhorrent.

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