When You Really Need Something Nutty, Look Towards Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

Debbie Delusional-Deflecting had an interesting Sunday. Appearing on CNN’s State Of The Union, she had a wild exchange with RNC Chair Reince Priebus where she consistently refused to answer the question about whether Obama’s policies were on the ballot or not. She kept deflecting, he kept asking her to answer the question. Then we get this (video starts with the exchange about Obama’s policies)

(Daily Caller) Host Candy Crowley played an ad attacking Colorado Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner as “too extreme for Colorado.” After the clip, Crowley said, “So we’ve heard this in previous elections, too extreme, too extreme their Tea Party, we can’t work with them. So, it seems that the Democrats’ overall message is yes, ISIS is scary. Yes, Ebola is scary but Republicans are a lot scarier.”

The response from Wasserman Schultz was, “Well, that’s right.” (Starts at 4:05 in the video below.)

She then went on to attack Gardner for his stance on abortion.

Start at 3:50 to listen to the ad, then listen to DWS. She’s basically saying what Democrats believe. They really do hate their fellow Americans who hold Republican/Conservative beliefs. They’re also dishonest, insane, and hold abortion up as some holy sacrament. They say Republicans want to take away the right to abort, care little for the rights of the unborn, and that Republicans want to “control women’s reproductive health”. Interestingly, these same Democrats want to put that control in the hands of government.

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