Post-Islamic Terrorist Attacks, CBC Wonders If Islam Is The “Green Religion”

Canada has seen two terrorist attacks in recent weeks. First there was the hit and run by an Islamist on a Canadian soldier. Then there was a the gunman who killed another Canadian solder, of which the Royal Canadian Mounted Police state was driven by ideology. Islamic ideology. Now we get this from the Canadian Broadcasting Company

CBC Ideas: Is Islam the ‘green’ religion?
Scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr makes the case for Islam’s environmental credentials

Recent headlines from the mainstream media around the world highlight how the words “Muslim” and “Islam” are often mentioned in the context of terrorism.

But according to a world-renowned scholar, there’s another word that should be associated with Islam — environmentalism.

Seyyed Hossein Nasr, a professor of Islamic studies at George Washington University, believes Islam is more disposed toward environmental stewardship than other faiths, and should probably be regarded as the “green” religion.

At the same time, he allows that Islamic governments have often put economic progress ahead of the environment, and many Islamic societies expect the West to find some technological solution to the woes of the planet.

Still, as Nasr told CBC Radio One’s IDEAS, “Christianity in the West has had a tremendous problem: how to come to terms with the environment at a time when its most devout followers have not shown much interest in the environment.”

Well, he might have a point: hardcore Islam is constantly looking for a push back to half a millennia ago, and Osama Bin Laden agreed with Al Gore and Barack Obama on “climate change”. Good company for you Warmists, eh?

Nasr has crisscrossed the globe speaking to religious and environmental leaders, trying to build consensus on how to best raise awareness about what he calls a “worldwide crisis” in our handling of the environment.

“We human beings cannot be happy without the happiness of the rest of creation,” he says. “We have killed enough, massacred enough of God’s other creatures.

“God will judge us in the future on whether we are able to live in harmony and peace with the rest of his creation or commit suicide,” he says. “There is no third choice.”

So, he’s using lots of evil fossil fuels to talk about the environment? He’s a perfect Warmist. As for killing, well, his religion is doing quite a bit of that. They kill more of each other over religion than those of other religions.

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