Reid’s Nuclear Option Brings On The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Hey, Harry, don’t you just hate when your plans jump up and smack you right in the kisser?

(The Hill) Senate Republicans vow they will retaliate for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) decision to unilaterally change the Senate’s rules Thursday without prior warning or negotiation.

Republican aides say their bosses will now be even more reluctant to allow the Senate to conduct routine business by unanimous consent, forcing Reid to gather 60 votes for even the most mundane matters.

“Reid fired a major salvo and it’s hard to imagine a return shot won’t be fired. Maybe over the weekend they’ll come up with something and try to make it less worse than it already is,” said a Senate GOP leadership aide.

It’s the law of “oh, damn, I didn’t think THAT would happen”, and it’s not just the notion that the GOP will recapture the Senate in 2012 (Democrats are defending way more seats than the GOP is) and use the same rule, it’s that they will now force long votes on everything, and have every bill read on the floor. Didn’t see that coming, eh, Harry? You thought you were protecting Obama from his own “jobs” bill, and now you will bring even more gridlock.

He and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Senate Democrats’ messaging and strategy guru, have also proposed a bipartisan caucus meeting, to give lawmakers on both sides of the aisle chance to talk out their frustrations.

Reid said he would be happy to sit down with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in an effort to mend fences.

So, after dropping the nuclear bomb, Reid wants a beer summit? A little late for that one, and McConnell has so far blown off this little meeting, and will hopefully continue to tell Reid to go peddle his papers elsewhere.

A Senate Democratic aide said McConnell is responsible for the collapse of the gentlemen’s agreement.

The aide accused McConnell of acting like a sore loser by trying to force a vote on Obama’s jobs package after the Senate already voted to move to final passage of the China bill.

You have to love that Reid pulled this shenanigan because McConnell attempted to get the Senate to vote on a Democrat presidents jobs bill in the Democrat controlled Senate, and the Democrats were so upset about the possibility of voting on Obama’s jobs bill that they triggered the nuclear option. We knew Obama’s jobs bill was bad……..

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